What Cactus Canyon Construction Offers               

Cactus Canyon Construction LLC offers a wide range of residential construction and remodeling services.  The following outlines a typical bid and job procedure.

1. A clear bid that covers all the labor (or labor and materials) for a project - free of charge.  We take pride in our work and project management.  We strive to provide a bid that is complete and meets the scope of work - but more importantly, provides for a result that satisfies our customers.

2. Design help - we try to understand the job priorities and we offer suggestions that we believe will make the project more successful.  We don't claim to know everything, but our experience can help us help you.  When we don't have all the answers, we find them out through out network of experts.

3. Material purchase services - we can usually save customers money through material purchases.  We provide material management services as part of the project bid (usually free of charge).

4. We encourage our customers to select tile/fixtures/cabinets/colors etc. and facilitate the process as much as we can.

5. We keep the homeowner/customer in the loop.  We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and we believe that homeowners like and need to be involved in the remodel to the degree they desire.

6. Our bid is prepared to keep our team on the job.  We do not juggle jobs.  We believe that the greatest efficiency is reached when the team focuses on one job.  Also, we believe the homeowner/customer wants the job to be done ASAP.  We strive to do that.

7. Quality is our focus.  We know that our future success depends on satisfied customers (please see our testimonial page).  We work at a rhythm that ensures quality. 

8. We guarantee our work.  If anything goes wrong with our work within 1 year, we will be back to fix it - no questions asked.