Light Excavation & Small to Mid-Size Concrete Projects.   

Cactus Canyon Construction, LLC is a small company. We have all the tools and skills necessary for all types of construction and remodeling work. A special capability that we offer is a “scoop-n-mix” skid-steer concrete mixer. The mixer combines the advantages of a loader and a concrete mixer into one piece of equipment that provides the most efficient and economical way to produce small quantities of thoroughly mixed concrete, transport it to difficult to reach pour sites, and then pour the forms. These photos are from a web brochure showing the capability. The scoop holds 1/3 of a yard of material.

If you have a need for concrete work in small projects such as cabins, trail-work, sheds and corrals.  We would be glad to provide estimates for work you need done. Our scoop-n-mix is especially useful for building fences that last. With our equipment, tools and make do work attitude, we can be very competitive price-wise, and we strive to surpass expectations.