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This page provides links to information regarding remodeling and construction.  Please feel free to send me websites that you too have found useful.  Green font indicates a weblink. Thanks!

Remodeling Cost vs Value


Battle of the Bids


Sweat Equity


Renovation costs can be bundled with mortgage


How to avoid the "Seven Sins" of remodeling


Building and project plans


Codes and regulations

Deschutes County

Jefferson County


County Extension Offices


Stucco & Plastering

Are you considering a stucco or plastering job?  If so, we recommend calling Marcelo Cuevas (M.C.  Plastering LLC at 541-317-0501.


Concrete Artistry

Ed Thomas is a good person to talk with about specialized concrete and Concrete Artistry.  He can be reached at 541-815-9142, or via his business website at


Northwest Quality Roofing

Call Jake Woodruff and ask him about roofing solutions.  He can be reached at 541-647-1060, or through their website at


Local Marble, Granite, Stone and Tile fabricators

Intrepid Marble & Granite  (541-749-4099)

Austin Tile & Marble (541-385-5772)

Classique Marble & Granite (800-270-7494

Greg Barber (541-382-1381)

Imagine Stoneworks (541-312-3885)

Natural Stone Design (541-317-1398)

Precision Countertops (541-388-7830)

Solid Rock Granite (541-549-8550)

Southward Contracting (541-815-3827)

Sun Valley Granite (541-948-9514)

Volar Design (541-504-8723)




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