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The Company
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The Company

Cactus Canyon Construction LLC is a residential remodeling company that strives to understand and meet customers residential remodeling dreams.  The company is licensed, bonded and insured.

Cactus Canyon Construction is a small, family business.  We focus on one customer at a time.  We endeavor to understand the customer priorities, budget and time frame - and then we work to meet and surpass desired results.  We prefer to focus on one job at a time because that usually pleases the customer the most.   We are not the cheapest remodeler in Central Oregon, nor are we the most expensive by far.  Cactus Canyon Construction LLC offers the customer the opportunity to shape their job and we do it.  Customer service is a number 1 priority.

We know that our past, present and future depends upon doing quality work and satisfying customers so we set about this task on a daily basis.  Please peruse the company website.  If you would like a free estimate regarding your residential remodeling job, please fill out a estimate request form and we will be contact you to set a convenient time to do the estimate.

Cactus Canyon Construction, LLC is an approved government service provider.  Our company information is registered on the Central Contractor Registration (, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN), and the website.  Also, we are in the process of getting approved as an Emerging Small Business through the Small Business Adminstration (SBA).

Company Principles

Customer always 1st!: We know that our business depends upon satisfied customers so we endeavor to create satisfied customers.

Give value for the dollar: We try to be among the most competitive companies around.  We focus on being efficient and maintaining a low-overhead.  We want your business and we want to be the best priced alternative.

Do top quality work: We take pride in our work and craftsmanship.  We work hard to meet the expectations of the customer.

Clear objectives, work plan and material management to smooth projects: We work closely with the customer to understand exactly what is wanted and then we work diligently to accomplish the project.  Project Management is a key to efficient and successful projects.  We focus on making a remodeling, construction or repair project easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Keep the worksite clean and organized: Cleanliness improves the quality of work and the relationship with the client.  We work from a staging area and we use drop-clothes.  We work to keep the worksite clean.

Have the right tools and personnel for the job: We are interested in all types of remodeling, construction and home repair work, but before committing to a job, we make sure we have the right experience and tools to do an outstanding job.

Pay fair wages, treat customers, colleagues and employees with respect and be a up-standing member of the community.

Services Offered
Residential remodeling services

Cactus Canyon Construction provides all types of residential remodeling services, including bathroom, basement and kitchen remodeling, project and handyman work, interior and exterior carpentry, and light electrical and plumbing repairs.  On request, Cactus Canyon Construction will provide a time & materials quote, or on smaller remodeling jobs, we will provide a labor bid and material management (purchase with reimbursement) at no additional cost to the customer.

Bathroom  and kitchen remodels

Cactus Canyon Construction provides bathroom, basement and kitchen remodeling services.  During the on site visit prior to the remodel, a pick list is reviewed so that the materials and fixtures are ready to go for the remodel.  We make sure the work is exactly what you want, and we work steady to project finalization.

Decks, fences, porches and other work

We provide many types of services.  Please call  or email to set up a visit about your project.

Framing and pole building construction services

With our pole building and framing experience we enjoy undertaking your projects.  We pride ourselves on the quality, timeliness and value that we provide to the customer.

Special projects

We love a challenge and problem solving is our specialty.  Give us a shout!

Project Management Services:

For years, Steve has worked as a project manager.  Cactus Canyon Construction, LLC also offers project management services.  For a review of some of the different types of projects Steve has managed, follow this link.

Light excavation & small concrete jobs:
With our skidsteer and "scoop-n-mix" we are able to offer light excavation and small to mid-size concrete jobs where getting a cement truck in is problematic.  The scoop-n-mix offers an economical solution for these hard to get to sites, and it is great for building fences that last.  For more on this capability, please follow this link.
Energy efficiency:
There is huge opportunities for home and business owners to lower their cost through better utilization of energy.  Please give us a call if you are interested in improving your home energy utilization, give us a call and we can help.

Team building:

We are lucky to be able to count a large network of top-quality professionals, and as a result, we are able to field the necessary skill set for almost any job related to construction, excavation, concrete work, and home improvements.